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Fabio Mesa’s painting constitutes a commentary about the behavior of human beings as crowds. It is sometimes erratic and sometimes confident, sometimes threatening and other times gentle. Through color, in some occasions acid and others kind and soft, his work does not explicitly show people’s location but it does make it clear that it’s an urban square given by the shadows of some buildings; it also shows that it’s about city dwellers who move with ease even through the obstacles they may come across.

In his work there is a glimpse of a political intention as his characters are miniscule, insignificant, unworthy of particular attention; as is most of the world’s population, articularly those defenseless. Some appear to stand in line with an unknown purpose, but it can be understood as a metaphor of the march to the inexorable end of all or like a critic of the obedience implicated in standing in line, observing the order, following instead of leading.

Eduardo Serrano

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